Bloomberg Products

Vizitech’s Bloomberg based applications equip analysts with the ability to bridge Bloomberg’s vast universe of financial data with a great user interface and visualization.


Consensus Sweeper

Consensus Sweeper is designed to capture all sell-side recommendations and target previous price changes in the last 24 hours or in any other preferred period through the daily clutter of research updates. To say it another way, it is a powerful aggregation tool that gains insights on all sell-side research market. The application uses a proprietary methodology to process and arrange consensus data meaningfully.


Fundamental Toolkit

The fundamental toolkit comprises of the following:
1. Relative Value Analyzer: This function rates a firm as overvalued/undervalued based on price multiples.
2. Company: This tool gives the user a comprehensive view of a company’s financial data including vital financial statement items.
3. Stock Screening: We all need one Vizitech’s stock screener is extremely easy to use and handle. Stock Screener provides users with an easy and efficient method of performing highly flexible and comprehensive stock screening. This product sources data from Bloomberg.


Geographic Exposure

Which companies are mostly exposed to Russia’s financial downturn or to a slow economic growth in China, or to an economic recovery in Europe?
Vizitech’s Geographic Sales Exposure can help answer these questions. Because of corporate’ disparate reporting practices, it is extremely difficult to easily identify companies with a specific sales profile, which could be a key indicator of stock performance.